PAINT THINGS @ deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

“Within and around a given work exist multiple forms of space, among them the area between the body and the work, its dimensional space as a container for materials and gesture (painted or otherwise), and its architectural–and contextual–support.” Evan Garza, from PAINT THINGS, Beyond the Stretcher

Curated by Garza and Dina Deitsch, PAINT THINGS examines the sculptural turn of painting since approximately 1990; in the catalogue, they both examine the historical precedent for this shift, which began globally around 1949. Central to their inquiry is the idea of space, both as a physicality and concept.

I’ll discuss the show in the March Big, Red and Shiny. Some pieces/artists I can’t wait to talk about:

Summer Wheat, Ankle Biter, 2011

Cheryl Donegan, chair from Kiss My Royal Irish Ass, 1993
Exhibited publicly for the first time since Donegan’s performance of Kiss My Royal Irish Ass in 1993 at Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Detail from Kate Gilmore’s site-specificLike This, Before, 2013, commissioned for PAINT THINGS.

Inside the deCordova, with Claire Ashley’s thing one (fluoinkem), 2013