Os Gemeos


At Revere Hotel on Stuart Street.


The Revere Hotel mural is so quiet and gentle I almost missed it when I walked there today. I love the movement of the spray in this piece, as well as its tender message of teamwork and community. It’s a sweet compliment to the piece near South Station.

View of the “terrorist” mural coming from Chinatown.





Though I suppose I’m technically a 99 percenter, I didn’t quite identify with the Occupy Movement and the Dewey Square protests this fall. This mural–confrontational in its 70 x 70 size–seems like a more effective vehicle for protest. It’s an individual (of color) literally sandwiched into a city space between banks. It’s eyes are tired and almost closed, but remain vigilant. The buttons of its clothing are faces, reminding us of the people that actually make mass-produced goods. And it will all remain for the next 18 weeks.


The mural’s reflection into the fed.

Hyperallergic’s coverage of the mural controversy
Os Gemeos


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